Lothene Combat School

Crafts Workshops

Dyeing with onion skins.
The wool on the top row was done with an alum mordant (15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 minutes dyeing times, left to right).
The bottom row is wool dyed with a salt mordant, which gives a duller colour.

Butter making.
Cream is churned by hand in a bowl. The resulting butter is then patted to remove excess buttermilk.

Cookery : pigs head.
The head is rubbed with oil, salt and pepper before being put in the oven for 3.5 hours with the ears and snout covered. Most of the meat is in the cheeks, though other parts can be eaten. The skin forms crackling.

Mead making
We made two batches - the first of about 9% ABV, the other of about 12% ABV.

Leather work.
Note the finished leather jug, tankard and water bottle in the background.

Cheese making.
Milk is warmed, then set with rennet. The curds are then wrapped in a cloth and drained for 3-4 days to produce a 'green cheese' which can be eaten as it is, with flavourings added as required, or pressed in a cheese press for a week or more to make a more solid cheese.